Our history

In the Raphamn – our hotel’s location – there has been summer farming for almost 300 years. The nice location, its fertile grass/soil and placed to be protected from strong winds, it’s easy to understand why summer farming was popular right here. At the most, 13 small “sætre” or Norwegian summer farms were in operation. Summer farming lasted here until the late 1980ties when modern farming operating methods took over and most of Norway’s small summer farms disappeared.

In addition to summer farming, Raphamn became a leisure and recreation area for the people of Otta a hundred years ago. The word spread quickly and other mountain loving people started coming to this area as well. The first cabin was built in 1924. Today there are over 120 cabins in the surroundings of Rondeslottet Hotell.

The history of our hotel starts in the 1950ties when a road came to this area. At first a summer road, but in 1962 the road was upgraded to an all year road. It sparked plans to build a hotel at Raphamn. The road from Otta and up to the mountains made Raphamn short and easily accessible. The road also opened for day trips to this beautiful recreation area. Today Rondeslottet Hotell is the gateway to the Rondane National Park, which is very popular by hikers and mountain loving people.

Norway’s State Railways and the Railways Labor Organization were in the 1960ties looking for a place to establish a holiday and recreation center for their employees. The choice fell on Raphamn. The first vacation resort/hotel was completed in the Autumn of 1967. Our hotel has been in operation for more than 50 years. In 1998 the place renamed to Rondeslottet Hotell due to the beautiful view from the hotel towards Rondane and Rondeslottet mountains.

The hotel has been upgraded a number of times and last in 2017. In 1999 the Norwegian State Railway and the Railway Labor Organization sold the hotel and the hotel has been operated by private hotel owners since.

Through a significant upgrade in spring and early summer 2017, the hotel today appears as a modern and contemporary hotel of a high standard.

All our guests are welcome and we do our outmost to give you a pleasant stay.