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Rondane National Park is the homeland of thousands of reindeers

Rondeslottet Hotel is beautifully located west of Rondane National Park, less than 10 kilometers from the township of Otta. The hotel has a unique location close to the woods, as well as fantastic view towards two of Norway’s most famous mountain regions and national parks – Rondane to the north and Jotunheimen towards west.

We at Rondeslottet Hotel will do our best to take care of you as our guest with our personal and pleasant service. Visiting us you will experience the best Norwegian mountains and Rondane has to offer. We welcome our guests in good Norwegian traditions with open arms and good meals and drinks. We serve everything from reindeer, lamb, fish and organic dairy products to local beers. We are proud to be among the best hotels in Norway at breakfast.

Did you know that Rondane National Park has Norway’s largest number of wild reindeers living in their natural habitat with a total of 4,000 animals? Reindeers have had Rondane as their living area for over 15,000 years. This is just about as long as Norway has been populated by humans. The reindeers have been hunted by the people living here from the first humans came to this area about 2,000 years ago.

Rondane’s landscape with wide valleys, high mountains and distinctive blue lights has inspired a number of Norwegian artists and writers of which the painter Harald Sohlberg’s “Winter Night in Rondane” is among the most famous. Composer Edvard Grieg also found inspiration for some of his most famous national romantic compositions in the Rondane and Dovre area.

Rondane National Park was established in 1962, as Norway’s first national park. In 2003 the national park was expanded and is now 963 square km. There are ten mountains above 2000 meters. The tallest is the majestic Rondeslottet mountain stretching 2178 m above sea level and which our hotel is named after.

The hotel itself is located at 930 meters above sea level between the Raphamhø, Holtjønnpiggen, Åbbortjønnknatten mountains and the valleys towards Uldalen and Kirstidalen.

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Our rooms

Our hotel has 72 delicate and well-furnished rooms. All rooms have been renovated in 2017.

Our rooms have bathrooms, WIFI and hair dryer. If you have any special wishes/requirements, please ask our staff and they will do their foremost to help and fulfill your wishes.

All our rooms are non-smoking.
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